Discover the versatile and stylish competition shirt from our equestrian clothing brand. With a classic design and feminine cut, this shirt features a unique collar with press studs, allowing you to attach accessories in various colors such as self-tie bows to create multiple outfits from just one shirt. 

Crafted from technical, ultra-light fabric and cut to a slim fit, our shirt perfectly blends with your body, while the snow-white collar and cuffs made of 100% cotton add a touch of elegance. Made from high-quality Italian knit with a UV filter, our shirt offers protection from the sun during competition. We use breathable, antibacterial, and quick-drying fabrics to ensure your comfort during riding exercises.

At our brand, we prioritize the environment and use eco-friendly fabrics and silicones for our grips. By manufacturing our products close to each other, we reduce CO2 production from travel. Buy one of our competition shirts and get ready to combine it with many outfits while feeling comfortable and stylish during your equestrian competitions.








Buy one shirt and combine it with a lot of outfits. 

A special feature that distinguishes this competition shirt from any other shirt is found in its collar. The applied press studs on the collar allow you to attach accessories in various colors – belts and bows, so that you can create different outfits from one shirt.

A stylish combination of classic design with an ultra-feminine cut and technical fabrics. Technical, ultra-light fabric and a slim fit cut make the shirt blend perfectly with the body. The elements that raise the feminine and elegant character of the shirt are the snow-white collar and cuffs made of 100% cotton.

The knitwear from which the shirts are made has a UV filter, thanks to which it protects against the sun during competition. The highest-quality Italian knit used in the boots has breathable, antibacterial and quick-drying properties, which makes riding in a shirt extremely comfortable and does not distract the rider during exercise.

Our company places great emphasis on ecology, therefore the fabrics and silicones used in the production of grips used in our products are ecological and ecosystem friendly. Parts of the products are manufactured close to each other to reduce CO2 production from travel.

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