Compression clothing – a solution supporting our body or a “marketing gimmick”

  • What is compression anyway?
  • Compression riding clothing? Yes of course!
  • How does compression work in sports?
  • How can compression help in horse riding?
  • Do horse riders feel the benefits?

Compression clothing from the point of view of physiotherapists and doctors.

Although the word “compression” appears in the descriptions of sportswear for quite some time, many of us still do not know what it is – whether it actually affects the body, health of the athlete or is it just a fashionable marketing gimmick.

Together with our physiotherapist, we will try to present you all the important aspects related to this topic.

What is compression anyway?

Compression, simply put, is external and controlled pressure on selected parts of the body in order to improve blood and lymph circulation on stiffen selected parts of muscles and joints. The effect of compression has long been recognized in medicine as a very good way to support the treatment of lower limb problems related to, for example, coagulability, circulation, varicose veins, supporting the recovery processes in people after accidents and injuries.

With the development of sports medicine, it was noticed that the athlete’s body undergoes similar processes as in the bodies of sick people – large overloads, overlapping micro-injuries, injuries and overtraining. The specialists came to the conclusion that since the processes occurring in the bodies of patients and athletes are similar the same proven solution can be used. This is how compression solutions moved from the world of medicine to the world of sport and, looking after the research, fits in it perfectly. Various types of compression – full, zonal – are willingly used in the clothing of professional athletes as well as in those aimed at amateurs.

How does compression work in sports?

Compression is researched to improve performance and recovery.

This is largely due to the fact that proper pressure, similarly to massage, improves blood flow, and thus oxygenates and nourishes the muscles better. Oxygenated and nourished muscle is more efficient, gets tired less and is less prone to injuries. In addition, compression supports lymph circulation, which removes bad substances that arise as a side effect of exercise. Smooth removal of toxins prevents their storage in our body and thus supports the regeneration of the body and helps to keep it in good condition.

Compression riding clothing? Yes of course!

Each of us riders knows how demanding horse riding is. How much our body has to endure. How many times have you felt pain in your muscles or spine after training? That is why compression is an ideal solution for us, because it will not only support the efficiency of our muscles during the training itself, protect them against injuries, but also facilitate control over them by additional stiffening of the appropriate, sensitive areas of our body, e.g. knees, back, waist belt.

How can compression, apart from strictly medical action, help in horse riding?

Well-applied compression in clothing allows you to reduce pain during and after the ride. Thanks to the reduction of pain sensations, we can better focus on cooperation with the horse. Our body, thanks to better blood flow, will be more relaxed, and the signals given to the horse will be more accurate and precise. Improved cooperation between the rider and the horse reading affects the results obtained during training and competition.

Do horse riders feel the benefits?

OF COURSE! To determine if riders felt the benefits of compression, we conducted biomechanical studies and in-depth questionnaire studies of riders’ perceptions of fatigue, muscle soreness and feelings of increased performance. Biomechanical comparison studies of standard equestrian clothing and Mequicine compression garments showed improvements in physiological markers of post-exercise recovery, such as reduced post-exercise edema and increased blood lactate removal, while riders also reported improvements in subjective measures such as reduced muscle soreness and fatigue.

So is it worth riding in specialized compression clothing? If you want to strengthen your body, it is better to oxygenate and nourish your muscles definitely yes

Let us know if you have had any experience with compression? Or maybe you have an additional question about this solution? E-mail us or comment - we are at your disposal !

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